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15 August 2022
A newborn baby sleeps wrapped in a wrapped in a blanket.

Emergency Maternal Care Training Leads to Safer Deliveries in Mutzing

Using new skills and equipment, healthcare professionals in Morobe Province have been able to provide safer care for women and newborns.

11 August 2022
Two people look over documents in health centre.

UNFPA Partners with the National Department of Health to Improve Health Supply Chains

A new training package from UNFPA and the National Department of Health upskills health facility staff to reduce stock-outs of essential medicines.

9 August 2022
Two women sitting outside provincial building.

Setting the Stage for Improved Psychosocial Support for Hela Province

UNFPA and UN Women have kickstarted implementation of a Mental Health and Psychosocial Support program in the Highlands to provide quality, holistic... Read more

26 July 2022
Woman with tablet sits in front of small house.

“Patients die on the way. They just bury them along the road”: Enumerators Survey Rural Households in Morobe

Statistics student Miriel joins 466 enumerators from around Papua New Guinea who have been trained by the National Statistical Office to conduct... Read more

22 July 2022
Three people sit under timber shelter, one with a tablet for completing the survey.

“Overcrowded with One Breadwinner”: New Survey Asks True Size of Urban Households

A Socio-Demographic and Economic Survey conducted in June asks 5,000 households about education, health, economics and more, giving a much-needed... Read more

21 July 2022
UNFPA delivers Midwifery Kits to the National Department of Health in Port Moresby.

Midwifery Kits Boost Capacity at Port Moresby General Hospital

The Port Moresby General Hospital Labour Ward yesterday received 40 pieces of lifesaving obstetric equipment - The Midwifery Kit - courtesy of the United Nations Population Fund Country Office in... Read more

11 July 2022
Golden text 'Seeing the Unseen' is layered over a woman's face in black and white.

A World of 8 Billion: Seeing the Unseen

With 60% of the population under 24, Papua New Guinea has tremendous potential to advance human rights. Utilising this potential demands accelerating... Read more

5 July 2022
Women sit holding coloured buckets containing essential hygiene supplies.

"The centre is providing the best service yet," Survivors of Sexual Violence in Emergencies Welcome UNFPA Support to Health Centres

Provision of reproductive health kits in Hela Province provides essential medical care for women and girls displaced by violence and environmental... Read more

4 July 2022
Two women are sitting on a front step, one asking questions.

Health Facility Survey Looks at Availability of Contraceptives and Maternal Health Medicines

UNFPA has completed a detailed survey of contraceptives and maternal health medicines in health facilities in the Highlands Region in the first step of a national assessment of the availability and... Read more

2 July 2022
Woman reaches out to touch string bag hanging against a white wall

'Bilum Em I Laif' Exhibition Makes the Invisible Visible

A month-long exhibition is about unlocking the hidden meanings behind traditional forms of communication and meaning through this woven fabric and... Read more