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They make up about 60% of Papua New Guineans. That’s how many young people under the age of 25 make up the population in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Since its endorsement by the General Assembly in 1999, 12 August has marked International Youth Day (IYD) to acknowledge and highlight the importance of youth participation in current affairs. During IYD, Youth advocates mobilize their peers, call out political leaders to enact reforms and challenge the status quo and take a central role in shaping their own future. UNFPA and its partners champion the rights of young people and work toward enabling them to fulfill their potential.

Under the theme “Transforming PNG Systems: Innovation for Human and Planetary Health”, the International Youth Day (IYD2021) Committee jointly launched a series of events hosted by various Youth Partners. The partners will commemorate the IYD2021 with a series of events in Port Moresby and throughout the country. The IYD2021 Committee that constitutes the National Youth Development Authority, National Capital District Commission, Youth Advocates and various UN agencies and Partners calls for:

  1. Meaningful youth engagement and participation for policy impact for behavior change;
  2. Youth and Agriculture for sustainability and a growing micro-economy, and
  3. Health and wellness for physical, social and mental health, including rights for Sexual Reproductive Health”

UNFPA reaffirms its commitment to young people, their health and wellbeing as the Sexual Reproductive Health Agency and agency with the youth mandate.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), as a UN Agency for Sexual Reproductive Health, promotes youth leadership that empowers young people to exercise autonomy and participation with regard to their sexual and reproductive health rights. In addition to the vision to reduce maternal mortality rates for women and girls by 2022, UNFPA PNG aims at ensuring young people are actively engaged in the development of their country.

Sexual and reproductive health and the enjoyment of related human rights is an integral part of young people’s transition into adulthood. The UNFPA believes that decisions about these personal and social issues are closely tied to the educational background, employment and scope of political participation of the youth.

Globally, UNFPA leads efforts on youth agency and participation and supports youth networks and organizations in their work on development issues, humanitarian affairs and peace and security.

UNFPA is working to strengthen partnerships with youth led networks, organizations and movements.

UNFPA is committed to creating and support platforms for advocacy for youth at the national, regional and global levels.

For International Youth Day UNFPA is supporting the coordination of activities and efforts with youth partners and advocates.

Young people are key partners in creating the future we want. Efforts towards sustainable development will not be achieved without meaningful youth engagement and participation. Young people are also recognizing the important role they play in contributing to development in their communities and country. 


Schedule of events:

Youth Day activities for 2021 will run from the 6th - 15th August 2021 and include the following

  • Equal Playing Field Fun Day 6th August 2021
  • Virtual Youth and Social Media Events and activities
  • School Visits Activities
  • University Debate on Meaningful Youth Engagement
  • Youth Day Walk and Public Event on the 15th August hosted by NCD Active City Development Program in collaboration with the International Youth Day Committee.


IYD2021 Committee Members:

  • National Youth Development Authority (Co-Chair)
  • United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) (Co-Chair)
  • Active City Development & the National Capital District Commission
  • United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization
  • UN Women
  • The Voice Inc.
  • ChildFund PNG
  • Equal Playing Field
  • Tribal Foundation
  • Catholic Bishops Conference Youth Division and Lasallian Youth Ministry
  • Family Health Association
  • PNG Olympic Committee
  • Piku Biodiversity Network

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is the lead UN agency for delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person's potential is fulfilled.