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In 2022 UNFPA PNG is joining forces with TRIBE FM to host dialogues about male health, social relationships and masculinity in PNG today. Topics like sexual and reproductive health, gender and body positive attitudes are not addressed openly in PNG. Young men have nowhere to turn for accurate and reliable information about love, sex and relationships. This has negative social consequences including rising rates of gender-based violence and sexually transmitted infections across the population.  This level of ignorance in the 21st century is dangerous for both males and females. With little or no information about reproductive health taught in schools, many are confused about what their partner expects. We want to put healthy relationships in focus starting this February using our hausman dialogues to answer some questions and raise awareness about male reproductive health.  We hope that this will be a catalyst for a healthier social dialogue about love and relationships in PNG today.

Tune in to Tribe FM 92.3 to findout the upcoming events: