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New video of the Bilum campaign launch available: Harnessing PNG traditional culture to advance gender equality and bodily autonomy (28 October 2021)


Bilum patterns show us that knowledge about puberty, birth, women’s status, and roles have always been part of PNG culture. By preserving and building upon this knowledge, we ensure that new generations of women and girls can live fulfilled, happy and healthy lives in a modern Papua New Guinea.


PNG comes together to celebrate 46th Independence Day, Together we can build a country based on equality and freedom.



This donation of dinghies was made possible with funding support by UNFPA under the UN MPTF COVID-19 Project.

March 2021


UNFPA launches maternity ward, donates dinghies, and equips midwives in the most remote and inaccessible Matkomnai, Western Province, Papua New Guinea. 

The Maternity Ward was renovated with funding support by UNFPA under the UN MPTF COVID-19 Project. March 2021

Related news: “UNFPA’s support for the renovation of the Labour and Postnatal wards has now made it a safe delivery environment for mothers and babies.”


“We have been working together with other UN agencies, as part of the Spotlight Initiative, to ensure that GBV responders are considered as essential service providers during times of crisis, even for COVID-19. So we want to make sure that people know these services [helpline or in-person visits] continue to be made available to them… Let’s not forget that there are other ongoing issues that also need support and our attention!”

Marielle Sander, UNFPA Representative


Celebrating the roles of women on Papua New Guinea's National Women Day, March 24, 2021

Statement by Marielle Sander, Representative of UNFPA in Papua New Guinea

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"Lo Displa Valentine’s Day, Bel Isi, Pasin Laikim, na Hamamas mas stap namel lo yumi wanwan. Yumi mas Senisim Pasin blo koros na paitim meri na man wantem." #SoimPasinLaikimInoPasinBloPaitim

"Love should never Hurt. Appreciate and embrace your loved ones and live in Peace."

Rosemary Pawih, Customer Care Officer, Bmobile 4G LTE


Starting today (January 28-February 3, 2021), census officials will be visiting everyone's homes to conduct the structural listing in every province.

Because Everyone Counts!


December 3 marks the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Amid the #COVID19 pandemic, we have seen how challenges long faced by persons with disabilities have been exacerbated in many ways, through gaps in programmes and support services, to stigma and discrimination all the more. UNFPA Asia-Pacific has created this first-of-its-kind video at UNFPA, seeking to make the film truly accessible to persons with a range of disabilities, including visual impairment.

As such, the video treatment may be new for many viewers. The more you watch, the more you realise how crucial accessibility - something the majority of us take for granted - is to millions of persons living with disabilities the world over.

We must all do what we can to understand the needs and challenges of persons with disabilities, to foster inclusion and respect, in the spirit of rights and choices for all.

Respect, recognise, engage!