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26 September 2022
Woman in blue dress stands in garden.

Health Facilities Assessment Reveals Gaps in Access to Contraception in East Sepik

Nine health facilities in East Sepik Province were surveyed on the availability of essential reproductive health commodities. Family Health and... Read more

24 September 2022
Two women walk towards single story hospital building with PNG flag in foreground.

Refurbished Family Support Centre Provides Privacy for Survivors of Violence, Safer Facilities for Staff

UNFPA, with support from Zonta International, is supporting Family Support Centres in Bougainville and Milne Bay so that survivors of violence can be... Read more

22 September 2022
A group of six people are standing and talking in a rural street.

Population Data Sampling Workshop Advances Quality Data Collection

Effective planning requires accurate population data. A recent data sampling workshop helped leading data collection organisations in PNG strengthen... Read more

17 September 2022
Two women sit at a table with pens, paper, and worksheets during workshop.

Inventory Management Training Helps Staff Prevent Stock-Outs in Momase Region

Across Papua New Guinea, regular stock-outs of reproductive health commodities is common. Now, health care workers are being trained in inventory... Read more

14 September 2022
A man in a red shirt stands in front of a banner that reads 'Spotlight Initiative'.

“I want to see people having healthy relationships”, Civil Society Welcomes Comprehensive Sexuality Education Curriculum

Integrating best-practice Comprehensive Sexuality Education into the existing health curriculum is being supported by civil society organisations... Read more

2 September 2022
Young man in dark shirt stands in front of banner reading 'Zonta International'

“Only we can speak for ourselves,” Esa’ala Youth Leader Brings District Voice to Youth Dialogue

Travelling six hours by boat to join UNFPA's youth dialogue, Esa'ala District Youth Council vice-President Raymond Merpe calls for stronger... Read more

26 August 2022
A young woman stands up from a group of students to ask a question.

Students Welcome Haus Mahn and Haus Meri Dialogues with UNFPA

UNFPA hosted a series of panel discussions at the University of Papua New Guinea on intergenerational solidarity where speakers highlighted the... Read more

26 August 2022
A man in a UNFPA vest packs bright buckets with sanitary supplies.

UNFPA Supports Humanitarian Response in Enga

The United Nations Population Fund in Papua New Guinea has provided 19 Reproductive Health Kits and 2,000 Dignity Kits to Porgera, Kandep and Laiagam... Read more

20 August 2022
Sr Philomena from Catholic Health Services participates in UNFPA midwifery training.

Delivery of Dignity Kits Improve Hygiene for Women in North Fly, Western Province

UNFPA has utilised a network of partners, including organisations like North Fly Catholic Health Services, to distribute dignity kits. This has... Read more

17 August 2022
Man stands with microphone with 3-4 people seated.

Young Innovator to Investigate Maternal Health and Nutrition in Papua New Guinea

UNFPA Papua New Guinea's Young Innovator Isaac Sope joined a team of young leaders in New York to discuss innovative solutions to the... Read more